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New web page under construction... | 5/9/2016

Team has been working on new www.mtec.fi web page during our racing season. On our new page you will find all Mäkelä Racing Team and Mtec Formula Technology news and updates in one place.

New Mtec web page will have news and pictures of our teams action just like before. But as new areas we will add information of our new services and an online store.

The new web page will be published in October 2016.

Until the publishing of the new web page you can follow our news and updates from our Mtec Formula Technology's public facebook page https://www.facebook.com/mtecformulatechnology/

Best Regards
Mäkelä Racing Team


Success ja frustrations in Alastaro | 24/8/2015

Elias and Milla had some bad luck on their side on the past race weekend but Milla took the 3rd place from Saturdays race and Elias took the 2nd place on Sundays race. Juha Mäki-Jouppi confirmed the Finnish championship title with his Mtec FD09 by winning both races.
The last round in the championship will be driven in Kemora and all the driver on positions 2-6 still have fair chances for silver and bronze positions. Milla and Elias are currently holding on to positions 4 and 6 making the last weekend very exciting.

Formula Fords will also arrange something special in Kemora and everyone is welcome to come and witness the exciting battle for the remaining positions live on 5th and 6th of September.


Varying results from Pärnu| 2/7/2015

In Pärnu, Estonia Mäkelä Racing Team had their 3rd race weekend in the Finnish Championship finishing our long journey of racing in June. Elias finished 4th twice and 3rd once with great defence victory against his rival giving full pressure from behind with several overtake attempts.

Millas weekend didn't go too well having to retire from the second race due to electrical problems and dropping her to 4th place in the championship points with only two points to third place. Other races she finished both on 5th place. HMH-Racing's Juha Mäki-Jouppi continued his straight of victories in Pärnu by taking 3 out of 3 first places with his Mtec.

The season continues in Alastaro in the halfway of August.


2nd place from Eurocup Championship and several podium positions from Botniaring | 25/6/2015

Two weeks of racing resulted in 7 podium finishes from 6 races to Mäkelä Racing Team.

Formula Ford Eurocup was driven at legendary Spa-Francorchamps. Mäkelä Racing Team participated Eurocup for the first time and also visit to Spa was first ever to the whole team. The Eurocup championship consisted of three races driven on the first weekend of June. Miikka Mäkelä took the pole in qualifying and managed to take P1 from the first race and P2 from the two last ones. All in all this was enough for the second place in the championship. Great result for Miikka, who is only driving the Eurocup this year, while working as a race engineer for the rest of the team in the Finnish championships. Milla had loads of bad luck at Spa. Qualifying 4th gave hopes for anything, but a small collision with a competitor dropped Milla 6th in the first race and the two last ones resulted in DNF due to technical problems. Still as an experience the weekend was awesome and gave Milla a lot of confidence to her driving.

The next weekend Mäkelä Racing headed for the second round of Finnish Championship series driven in Botniaring race circuit, Jurva. Milla recovered from her disappointment in Spa by taking P4 from the first race and double second from the next two races. Milla is still firmly on the second place of the Championship points. The other drivers of Mäkelä Racing also did great, when Elias Niskanen took the second place in the qualifying, finished third in the first race and second in the last race. Second race was iterrupted when Elias was pushed out by a competitor from the second place. Emil Juntikka improved his pace through out the weekend and had valuable experience when he was fighting for positions. In the second race Emil got into a major crash in the last corner. This damaged the car so that he had to stay out of the last race and he is now focusing for his next race in Alastaro. HMH-Racings driver Juha Mäki-Jouppi managed to make a hat trick at Botniaring with his Mtec by taking three victories from three races. Mtec had also a big reason to celebrate when the top 3 of the last race were all Mtecs. Looking forward for the next round!

The Finnish championships will continue at Auto24ring in Pärnu, Estonia on the 27th to 28th of June.


Season 2015 opening at Ahvenisto| 19/5/2015

The first Ahvenisto Track Racing Finnish Championship race 2015 is behind now and all in all our drivers showed a really good pace. Milla Finished 2nd on the 2nd race, Elias took the 3rd place from the time qualifying and they were battling with Emil for positions between 3-6. Also our fellow team with Mtec FD09 conquered the time quialifyings and the first race with a clear margin.


Emil Juntikka to the Formula Fords
Finnish Championship series
| 5/4/2015

Emil Juntikka will bring some Swedish color to the Finnish race tracks while competing with Mtec Formula Ford. He is the third driver in Mäkelä Racing Team for the coming Finnish Championship season alongside with Milla Mäkelä and Elias Niskanen. Emil will be driving with Mtec FD09 Formula Ford serviced and engineered by Mäkelä Racing Team. Emil has already got some good mileage in practices last year and will have his Fomula race debyt this summer. His first race is the beginning weekend of the Finnish Championship and it will be driven on the legendary Ahvenisto circuit in Hämeenlinna, Tavastehus 16.-17.5.

Driver: Emil Juntikka
Birth: 28-07-1996
Klub: Umeå automobilklubb/Aspen KK Haaparanta
Home: Uumaja (Umeå)

Experience from Karting for 10 years. Three of them in the KZ2-class, and two of which at the Energy Team Sweden.


Prize giving ceremony for championship 2014 | 6/03/2014

Mäkelä Racing Team and Miikka Mäkelä received trophies from their achievements on season 2014 in Formula Fords. Miikka Mäkelä was given the medal for winning the Formula Ford Finnish Championship and Mäkelä Racing Team was handed the Karl Ebbs cup for great positive promotion work for the team, Formula Ford and motorsport
in overall during the season 2014. We want to thank all of our sponsors and supporters that made the season 2014 possible.

SEO cooperation | 7/12/2014

On Friday November 14th SEO held a marketing event for their Finnish associates. At the very same event Mäkelä Racing Team and SEO announced their cooperation on the coming Formula Ford Finnish Championship on 2015. One of the team cars was at present and people got to chat with the Finnish champion 2014 Miikka Mäkelä aswell with the newcomer Elias Niskanen to the series.

Ford Days at Rinta-Jouppi | 7/12/2014

On Saturday 22nd of November the Mtec of Elias Niskanen for season 2015 was at present in Rinta-Jouppi, Kuopio. Lot of people came to chek out the latest Ford-models and to get to know to plans of Elias for the coming season.

Miikka became the Formula Ford Finnish Champion 2014! | 14/08/2014

On the last race weekend of the season Miikka Mäkelä was able to take the victory in the Formula Ford Finnish Championship. One win, one second place and one 4th place were enough to bring the championship to the team. Saturdays first race was also a celebration for Mtec Formula Technology when all top 3 podium places were filled with Mtec-drivers. Same thing had happened in Ahvenisto race earlier this season. Also the driver finishing 3rd was driving an Mtec through the season and the other Mäkelä Racing Teams own driver Milla finished highest so far in the championship taking the 4th place to her name.

The interest towards Mtec-cars has increased tremendously over the past weekend. Also the first potential Mtec-drivers first tests were already driven on the past Friday before the races. The people at Mtec Formula Technology are preparing to build new cars on the coming winter.

We want to thank all of our supporters and sponsors that have been there to help us on our way. This is a great milestone for Mtec and Mäkelä Racing Team. The Championship win has been widely promoted and celebrated over the media on tv, news papers and social media.

We are having a celebration coffee occasion at Aarnipirtti on the coming Saturday 16.8.2014. Everyone is welcome to join there.

Now is time to kick up a gear and see what the future brings us. Milla Mäkelä will be driving in the Formula Fords next year to chase the championship win to herself. Miikka Mäkelä will start to train new promising drivers in Mäkelä Racing Team and is looking for a suitable racing series for himself to continue. More information about Miikka Mäkeläs driving career will follow in the future.

Champion Teams Regards, Mäkelä Racing Team

Mtec in Neste Oil Rally | 14/08/2014

Mäkelä Racing Team had brought one of their Mtecs to the annual Neste Oil Rally that is the biggest sports event in Finland. The Formula was positioned to the FinRace-track-racing organisations tent in the main paddock area. Exhibition area was visited by tens of thousands of people during the four days of the rally.


Problems in Pärnu, at podium in Alastaro | 31/07/2014

The third race weekend of the Finnish Championship series was driven in Pärnu, Estonia. The brand new circuit for all Formula Ford drivers was expected to be an advantage for Mäkelä Racing Teams drivers Miikka and Milla Mäkelä. In the practice sessions the pace was good, but then something happened. Miikka was left on fifth place in the qualifying while Milla was sixth. The races were though like always, but since there were almost none good overtaking places in the very high speed track, it was difficult to make way to the top. In the end Miikka took two 4th places in the races and Milla was double 6th. After the race there was a fuel injection problem discovered in Miikka’s car. On the up side of the race weekend Mtec driver Juha Mäki-Jouppi was 2nd in both races!

After Pärnu there was the fourth weekend ahead and it was in Alastaro Circuit. Already in the qualifying it was obvious that the previous problems were fixed. Miikka was second in the qualifying and Milla was fifth. On Saturday there was a bit of action in the first corner and Miikka was slightly hit by another car. He still managed to take his car across the finish line in second place. Milla was third in the race and her car was also a bit damaged. If the car would have been fit, Milla is sure she would have overtaken Miikka. On Sunday Miikka was second again and Milla managed to come fifth.
All in all a good weekend and good points from Alastaro. Now for the last weekend Miikka is second in the championship points, only three points behind the leader. Milla is fourth and fighting for the bronze medal with two other Mtecs. The final round will be driven in Kemora and there will be three races. All the luck and hard work is needed now for the grand success!


Gold, silver and triple win for Mtec from Ahvenisto | 30/06/2014

The race in Ahvenisto was a success for Mtec taking all three places at the podium on Sundays race. Miikka took the gold medal on Saturdays race and a silver one at Sundays race keeping a nice gap between the drivers fighting for the second place in the Finnish Championship. Milla Finished 4th on Saturday right behind the car in front of her, just seconds away from the podium. On Sunday Milla finished 5th and is now 5th in the Championship points.

Next race will be driven quite soon in Pärnu on 27.-29.6. and Mäkelä Racing Team will start their journey already on Monday 23rd to be well prepared for the upcoming event on the scene.


Double Gold at season opening | 03/06/2014

Mäkelä Racing Team celebrated when Miikka took gold medals from both races at Botniaring in the Finnish Championship season opening races. Milla Finished 6th at first and second race after a fierce fight for 5th place with less than half a second difference to the car in front of her.

Mtec cars proved their fast pace by taking 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th (Mäkelä Miikka, Alatalo Taavetti, Mäki-Jouppi Juha, Mäkelä Milla) places at the first race and 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 6th (Miikka, Mäki-Jouppi, Alatalo, Milla) in the second race. Plus the fastest lap time was made by Miikka with his Mtec at the second race (1.38,909).

Next race will be driven at Ahvenisto Circuit from 13th to 15th of June in Hämeenlinna.

Three podium finishes for Mtec on new track | 29/07/2013

Mtec celebrated three times for podium in third round of Finnish Championship in Botniaring, Jurva on July 20th and 21st. The track was longer and smoother than before and new surface made it a lot harder to find set ups and adjustments. Mäkelä Racing did a good job at it and Aleksanteri Huovinen was fourth in the qualifying, just 0,3 seconds after the podium. Aleksanteri then finished second on Saturday and Miika Hirsimäki from HMH Racing finished third, both on Saturday and Sunday. Miikka Mäkelä drove the second fastest laptime on Saturday, which gave him front row start on Sunday. Due to tire problems he couldn’t keep his place, but still finished fourth. Next month Mtec’s will head to Sweden for NEZ race right after the fourth Finnish championship race in Kemora on 10th and 11th of August.

Round 2 in Ahvenisto | 27/06/2013

The second round of Finnish Championship series was driven on 15th and 16th of June in Ahvenisto circuit. Mtec was strongly represented with all the 5 cars in the variating weather conditions. The track was dry during the Formula Ford races, but temperatures went up and down when the rain was circling round the track. This made the wheel corner adjustments hard to find. Also tire pressure should have been a lot higher in the race than in the morning warm up, since the weather got colder. Mäkelä Racing did their best and Miikka Mäkelä finished 5th in the first race, Aleksanteri Huovinen was 9th and Milla Mäkelä 10th. HMH Racing’s Miika Hirsimäki finished 4th with his Mtec. Second race was even more unpredictable and safety car was also disturbing the race but thanks to the action, Miika Hirsimäki made it first to the checkered flag. Miikka Mäkelä dropped to 6th place after a tough fight. Aleksanteri Huovinen and Milla Mäkelä came after Miikka on 7th and 8th place. Taavetti Alatalo made it to 11th place in the first race, but did not finish in the second race.

Season 2013 started in Motopark | 3/06/2013

Mäkelä Racing has been busy the last few weeks building and repairing cars for the Finnish Championships, which started last weekend, 25th and 26th May in Motopark, Virtasalmi. Milla Mäkelä is driving a brand new Mtec FD12 and due to delays of part deliveries the car was just put together a few weeks before the race. Miikka Mäkelä was also driving a new FD09 that Mäkelä Racing bought back from a customer a few weeks before the race. Thanks to the building and repairing of new cars Mäkelä Racing was able to rent a car to Aleksanteri Huovinen, who is driving Milla’s old FD09 and sell a car to Taavetti Alatalo, who was also in Mäkelä Racing Team’s tent for advice and support in his first race. When HMH Racing’s Mtec FD09 is also still running in the series it makes Mtec with five cars the biggest manufacturer in the Finnish Championship series.

The building of the new Mtec FD12 was not an easy job. The car has many improvements for example in the wheel geometry and it should be more stable to drive and control now. Mäkelä Racing has also managed to lose a lot of weight from the car, it’s almost 10 kilos lighter than the previous ones, which makes it lighter than the minimum weight of the car. This has been fixed with extra weights, since Milla Mäkelä needs them anyway. Also the wheels turn a lot more now, which makes the handling of the car in the pits a lot easier. In the first race Mäkelä Racing has mostly eliminated new cars faults, since the test time was left so small, but before the next race in Ahvenisto there will be a lot more information about the behavior of the car and propably even some more improvements. Stay tuned!


Season preview 2013
| 30/03/2013

Mäkelä Racing Team’s preparings for the season 2013 are well on their way. Several tests driven in the autumn have leaded into various agreements with three young drivers moving from karting to bigger tracks. Taavetti Alatalo bought a FD10 Mtec already in the autumn and he is going to drive the 2013 FINRace series with Mäkelä Racings assistance. Netta Pekkala has a testdeal for 2013 and in 2014 the 14 year old girl will be able to drive in the Finnish Championship serie. Aleksanteri “Aksu” Huovinen will drive at least a few test this season and he is will be in the grid in the first FINRace weekend in Motopark.

Mäkelä Racing Team also still runs cars for Milla Mäkelä and Miikka Mäkelä . Milla will have a brand new Mtec and Miikka will inherit Milla’s FD09 for 2013.

Race calendar inludes two races abroad, when at least Miikka and Milla will participate to North European Zone Championship race in Anderstorp Sweden. On the same trip Mäkelä Racing will visit Denmark for the North Sea Series in Jyllandsring.
More info about the drivers and the series from the links below:



Two times third, one second place and fastest lap | 23/05/2012

The first weekend of Finrace was driven in Alastaro on 19th and 20th May. Mäkelä Racing Team did their first test of the season at the last minute on the way to Alastaro at Botniaring and the lack of testing showed. Both Miikka and Milla Mäkelä were in good pace but the routine wasn't there just yet.

Miikka started from the third place in the first race and fought tightly in the top 4 and finished third. During the battle Miikka managed to drive the fastest lap of the race which meant pole for Sunday. Again there was a furious fight between the first cars on the grid, but sadly for Miikka it ended already on lap 6 when his throttle was stuck to the bottom and he went out of the track. Luckily both driver and car were undamaged. The speed is there, if only good luck would come in the same package.

Milla started from the sixth place and drove her personal best time in the first race. There's lots of big changes made in the car during the winter and it demands a different driving style, which Milla learned just about in the second race, which was too late. Though the bad luck of others raised Milla into third place in the final results. Now when the head is open, it's easier to collect more podium finishes by driving during the season.

Also HMH Racing's Ilari Hakanen did well in his first Formula Ford race weekend and finished 4th and 2nd with his Mtec. In the Championship points Ilari is second, Milla third and Miikka fifth. Lookin' good!

Next up is the NEZ race in Karlskoga Sweden on 16th and 17th June. Preparations must be done carefully and there will be atleast one test day before the trip abroad.

Valuable points collected at Kemora
| 16/08/2011

Third race weekend at Kemora was driven partly under wet circumstances. Saturdays Qualifying and 1st Race were driven under rainy clouds.

In the qualifying Markus Ollila kept the fastest pace with his Mtec and managed to conquer the pole position. After some difficulties with tyre pressures Miikka Mäkelä managed to get good enough lap times to start from 3rd position. Milla Mäkelä took 9th place in the qualifying.

In the first start Miikka went straight to the top but didn't manage to hold the position formtoo long and fierce batle for positions began between top 4 drivers. In the end Miikka Finished 3rd and Milla 9th.

The saturdays warm up was driven in half dry weather, but weather got a little bit brighter before the races. In the 2nd start Miikka was left 4th and started to climb up positions. Other competitors puncture slowed down the chase and Miikka didn't quite manage to catch the leading car before chequered flag. He finished 2nd with the fastest lap time of the race. Milla had to dodge a fellow competitor on the first lap and it caused a gap in front of her. During the race Milla was catching them but it wasn't quite enough. She finished 8th.

Sundays second, weekends third race was the most exciting one. The weather was a lot warmer than before and the sun was shining. Positions were switched several times during the tight race between top 4 drivers. After a very thrilling race Miikka finished 2nd. Milla got a good start from the line and was fighting for 6th position but her brakes were nearly worn out on the last few lap. Still she managed to finish 7th.

After a season with very bad luck the three podium positions were needed and shot Miikka straight to the 4th place in the Finnish Championship points. There is still a possibility to gain podium or even win the Championship! Looking forward to Ahvenisto Finals.
Disappointments and celebration in Ahvenisto
| 19/06/2011

The second race weekend of the Finnish Championship Series was driven on 11th and 12th June in Ahvenisto. Mäkelä Racing got a new driver, Nanci Ristla from Estonia, to drive her first race in Formula Ford this weekend. She became the first Estonian woman to compete with formula cars.

In the qualifying Miikka Mäkelä took second place to both starts of the weekend. Markus Ollilla with his Mtec took places 4 and 5. Nanci did well in her first qualifying and took places 9 and 8. Milla Mäkelä's brakebalance was stuck and she locked her wheels in almost every corner. Her start places were 11th and 9th.

In the first race Miikka felt that something was wrong with his car when he went up the "paddockhill" and after the hill he drifted in to the wall and he couldn't finish the race. Nanci also spinned in her first race and did not finish. Milla had problems with oiltemperatures and she had to cool down almost half of the race. Her position was 8th. Markus Ollilla finished 3rd.

Milla could not start to the second race on Sunday, because she drove in to a wall in the warm up session when the throttle got stuck. The team didn't have enough time to fix the car. Markus also had to stop the race in the first lap when he got into a crash.
Nanci had a technical problem and had to come to the pits in the middle of the race. Her position was 8th. Miikka had a though fight for the second place during the whole race but in the last lap he was left to the third place.
All's well that ends well
| 2/06/2011

The first race weekend of finnish championship in Alastaro was very colourful. Miikka was with the teams selfmade Mtec, the fastest Formula Ford of the weekend, but he made it to the finish line only once, as a winner.

Problems from the practice days had an effect to Millas driving. Millas oil pump broke during training and that cost her a lot of necessary fast laps.

In the qualifying Miikka had a few good laps until on the pit stop crew noticed that one tyre was leaking air and they decided not to drive anymore. Laps were enough to bring Miikka two pole positions and one second place start to the finals.

In the first final Miikka had a collision with other competitor in the first corner and they both dropped out from the race. Markus Ollilla Finished second in that race with a Mtec.

In the second race Miikka was chasing down the leading car on second place, but the rear tyres overheated during furious fights in the beginning of the race and were not that reliable anymore and Miikka spun out from second place at the end of the main straight, but before that managed to do the fastest lap time of the whole weekend. Ollila finished second again.

In the third race everything clicked together. After a lot of overtaking and despite the pressure from the other competitors Miikka managed to finish first cross the finishline. Ollila finished his great weekend with third place and took the lead in the Finnish championship.

Milla was fighting over for fith place many times, but didn't quite manage to finish in the top five. Milla was 7th, 6th and 9th in the finales.

Next round will be driven at Ahvenisto. The speed of Mtec cars have been proved to be very fast. After Mäkelä Racing manages to break loose from the bad luck we can definitely wait for more good results.

Formula MRF India | 23/2/2011

Miikka Mäkelä participated in a race series held in India. Formula MRF Championship 2011 (6 races) were driven in Chennai, India, on two weekends 5.-6.2. and 12.-13.2. Altogether two Finns, four English and 10 Indians participated the championship. Races are sponsored by MRF tyres.

Finishing positions from the weekends were two 5th places, two 6th places and two 7th places. Lot of position switching and overtakes were seen on these races and that guaranteed the excitement throughout every start right from the first lap to the finish line. Local drivers also proved their speed on the track and were very competetive.

It was a great experience to race in India. The climate is so different and humidity added a little challenge for the drivers to get used to the hot and sunny days. People were very friendly and helpful. And even that motorsport is only rising in India, you could see the motivation and passion in people who were involved in the races. I believe motorsports are going only upwards in India in the coming years.

Delhi championship with MRF is an event that contain two races and is driven later on October 29/30 2011.
Prize money of 100.000$ will be presented for the winners of Delhi Championship. Miikka will also participate that championship. Races are driven on the same weekend and track as the first Indian F1 Grand Prix. We believe that the races in New Delhi will be even more interesting. Looking forward for October...
Season 2010 finished
| 10/12/2010

Season 2010 had lots of ups and downs for our team. Speed was good, but we had some bad luck in every race. After all the set backs we are very happy to have Miikka in the third place in Finnish championship series.

After the race in Pärnu we built a new Mtec car to Miikka. In its first race it had a small clutch problem, but since we got that under control the car was very fast and reliable. Problems in Pärnu was not caused by broken chassis as we first tought. The reason was one rear tyre that had a different rubbercompaund than they usually do. It made driving impossible.

Now we are preparing for the new raceseason and hoping that it comes with better luck. We have planned to drive Finnish championship series and Eurocup with a team of 3 to 4 cars. Drivers will be atleast Miikka and Milla.

New season 2011 starts with VM motorsport show in Helsinki from 8th to 9th January 2011. Welcome to see us and our stand there.


Hard times in Pärnu
| 22/07/2010

One race of Finnish championship serie is driven in Pärnu, Estonia. The track is very bumpu which caused a lot of harm to Mäkelä Racing Team. Miikka drove into a pile of tyres once in practise and in the same place he went out of the track again, only this time he managed to dirve into a ditch instead of the tyrewall. These happened when a bolt form his front lower wishbones attachment broke. The mounting had had damages earlier and the repairment had held this far.

All this led to the chassis to brake. Miikka was the fastest on Wednesday, then he hit the tyrewall, and he went to the ditch and then the laptimes started to get worse and worse. In the second start he was over four seconds behind his best laptimes. Results were sixth and seventh.

Milla found trust to her car again, when all the setups were changed after Alastaro. She had some problems with traffic in qualifying and first race. In second race she spinned, but after that she caught the others and got pass them. Even Miikka was really close, but one lap was missing. Results 8th and 8th.

To the next race in Botniaring we will build a new car for Miikka. It will be the first Finnish one.

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Miikka two times second in Alastaro | 22/07/2010

The second race of the season was driven in Alastaro on 11th and 12th June. The first race was driven on wet track and Mäkelä Racing hasn't had the opportunity to test the new Dunlop wet tyres.

Miikka was third in qualifying and he missed the first start. He dropped to last place, but after only one lap he was back in his own place. Milla had some technical problems and she spinned several times. In the end Miikka was second and Milla was 9th.

The second race was dry and Miikka was second again, with no bigger problems. Milla didn't get the car to work the way she had wanted and ended up in 9th place again.

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Car was good, but race was bad | 16/05/2010

Season 2010 started in Kemora on 14th-15th May. The race was bit disapointment if you look at the results, but overall we can be quite satisfyed. Mtec was proven to be fast when Miikka Mäkelä took the poleposition in qualifying and broke old laprecord for Formula Ford in the first race.

Miikka was forced out of the track during a tough fight for 2nd place and dropped a few positions. At the finish line he was 6th.

Milla Mäkelä had problems with understeering during test days. The solution was simple when we discovered it on the last night before the race. The car changed completely and there was only one session before qualifying to get used to it. In the qulifying rain and trafic affected quite a lot. Result was 7th. Milla spinned during the race, and ended up finishing 8th.

On Saturday in the second race Miikka was hit by a cocompetitor and he couldn't finish the race. Milla had a problem with the clutch and had to start from the pitlane. Forunately safetycar came in and she caught the others. The down side was that the safety car was on track almost the whole time. In the end there was only one lap time to get past the others. After all timepenalities etc Milla was 6th.

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Wallius supports Mtec and Mäkelä Racing team | 23/01/2010

Finnish weldingmachine-manufacturer, Wallius, has 60 years experience from welding and weldingmachines. Wallius provides the latest weldingmachines, their wide knowledge of welding and Magmawelds welding materials for Mäkelä Racing teams use. Wallius has tested in their own laboratory what is the best way to weld 4130 steel with TIG and they will deliver this information to Mäkelä Racing team.

The contract between Wallius and Mäkelä Racing team was signed and published on January 16th in VM Motorsportshow in Helsinki, where Mäkelä Racing Team was introducing their first chassis which is made completely in Finland. Wallius was also presenting a wide range of their weldingmachines on Mäkelä Racings stand.

Mäkelä Racing has also started a new project with Oulu university. The project is about welding CrMo (4130) tubes. The university will test the strenght of the weldings and do some microscopical research about the chance of the material during the welding.Through this information Mäkelä Racing Team can be sure of the top quality of their products.
Triple win for Mtec in Falkenberg! | 2009

Miikka borrwed his littlesisters Mtec for the two remaining NEZ races so there were three Mtecs In Falkenberg; Miikka Mäkelä, Miika Hirsimäki and Antti Buri.

Hirsimäki was the fastest in the qulifying and took the pole position, but unfortunately he crashed his car in the end of the qualifying session so he was out from the first race. At the first race Antti Buri won and Miikka Mäkelä was second. In the second race Mtec took a triple win when Antti Buri won, Miikka Mäkelä in the second place and Miika Hirsimäki on the third.

In the last race of the NEZ series in Padborg Denmark Antti Buri was having a tough fight with Danish drivers but he managed to keep his lead on the NEZ serie. Miikka Mäkelä wasn't in good shape, because he had a terrible flu and high fever. Still he managed to get third place on the NEZ serie. Hirsimäki didn't participate in Denmark, because the earlier accidents dropped him out of the top places in the NEZ points.
Finnish Championship second round in Alastaro | 16/06/2009

Alastaro NEZ race had 3 Mtec FD09 cars. Antti Buri and Miika Hirsimäki were two fastest cars on the track during the practise. In qualifying Buri was the fastest. Hirsimäki had a problem with throttle cable. He managed to drive only two laps and was 6th. Before the race problems were solved. In the first race Buri took an easy win. Hirsimäki had a bad start and lost few positions. But after 3 laps he managed to get to the 3rd place, but then one car behind him hit to his lower rear wishbone and bent it. He still managed to keep the 3rd place all the way across the finishline. So Mtec took 1st and 3rd places and Milla Mäkelä in her 3rd race ever was 8th.

At second race Buri was the only one with slick tyres on half wet track and spinned once. He still managed to take the 2nd place. Hirsimäki had very bad luck with rear antirollbar pushrod which was taken off because of the weather and jumped to the wrong place. It made driving allmost impossible. He had to make a pit stop which dropped him to the last place but before the end he passed couple cars and was 7th.

Miikka Mäkelä with his old zetec car finished 3rd on sundays race. It was a good result when you notice that there were many problems with the car. During the weekend Miikka had to fix pedal-box gearleveler, radiator, catalysator, rear wheelbearing and the floor plate. So there wasn't much time to practise.

After the weekend Miikka is 3rd in the finish championship points. And Milla is 2nd in years rookie points, but because she is driving a duratec car she doesn't get any finish championship points. Antti Buri is leading the NEZ serie and Miikka and Miika share the third place and Milla is 9th. NEZ serie continues in Falkenberg, Sweden on 11th and 12th of July.
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Mtec on track for the first time in Finland | 27/04/2009

Friday 24th and Saturday 25th of April Milla Mäkelä drove two days test in Alastaro. Milla was very happy with the new car. It feels bit more sensitive than her old Van Diemen. There appeared no technical problems during the test period. These first
tests were driven only to get used to the new car. In next test session we will try to find suitable set ups to finnish tracks.

Miikka had also a chance to test the car for few laps. Miikka was fast from the start. After 7 laps he drove time 1.20.01, which is only about 2 seconds slower than last summers best qualifying times in Alastaro. Miikka told that the gears weren't the best ones, because we used the same gears that we have been using with Zetec.

Next test will be driven in Botniaring before a national race on 8.-9. of May. That race will give a good practise before the first race of Finnish championship that starts one week later in Ahvenisto.

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Development of environmental friendly Motorsport | 04/03/2009

The Formula Ford bioethanol project was carried out as a co-operation with Mäkelä Racing Team and Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Finnish foundation of Henry Ford and Formula Ford Finland were the major supporters for the project.

Project info in pdf-format
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Mäkela Racing new Mtec out in shows | 09/02/2009

Millas next years Formula Ford Mtec was first time out in "Legends on ice" race show area in Oulu (see photos). Later the car was out in Biofuel press conference in Oulu (see photos).

Mäkela Racing bought Comtec Formula Ford | 03/01/2009

Mäkelä Racing Team has bought Comtec Formula Ford teams cars, tools and spareparts stock. Mäkelä Racing Team is going to start building formula ford cars as soon as new premises are ready to work and all tools, parts and machinery arrived from UK. In this stock of spareparts there are also a lot of Spirit parts. Makela Racing Team continues to make and sell parts to Comtec and Spirit cars. Parts will be available also from Formula Spares ltd UK and in Australia from Anglo Australian Motor Sport Pty Ltd. First new car will come out of factory in february 2009. Car will be named to Mtec.